Is This the Year? #KCSuperBowlWin2018

The Kansas City Chiefs have done it. They've just finished their best NFL season ever with a win against the Texans in week 13, and now they're going to the Playoffs. We could be seeing history being made this January, as the team has been awarded a spot in the divisional round against either Tennessee or Pittsburgh. Many commentators say this could be the year that the Chiefs finally win their first Super Bowl.

So, what factors are contributing to this seemingly sudden success? Well, if we look back on history, it's clear that some of these improvements have taken years to come about. It took until last season for Andy Reid and Alex Smith to fully get on the same page, and that's when the team really started to take off. It appears that, after making it into the Playoffs last year but ultimately losing to the Titans, this year has all the groundwork already laid out for success.

We can't ignore this current season though; which is likely what makes this one of the best Chiefs teams ever (not only because of their record, but also due to having reached the Playoffs with a rookie starting QB and losing their star RB for almost half the season). Patrick Mahomes is proving himself to be one of the most dynamic Quarterbacks in the league, and Kareem Hunt has really started to shine. The offensive line has also been playing admirably; they're not the country's best, but they're getting there.

Has kansas city ever won a superbowl

So far, the 2018 Chiefs team has truly exceeded expectations. If they keep performing this well, we may very well be witnessing history in the making. This could be the year that Kansas City takes their first Super Bowl win!

Kansas City has never won a Super Bowl. The Chiefs have won two AFL Championships, in 1962 and 1966. It is unknown where this article originated from but it is popular on social media and has been shared over 40,000 times. There is no reference to the author of the article or where they may be located.

The Kansas City Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl after winning their divisional round playoff game against the Tennessee Titans. The Chiefs lost to the New England Patriots in that Super Bowl. There have been a total of four AFL Championships and two NFL Championships won by the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs came very close in 1969

To win their first NFL Championship. Their opponent was the Minnesota Vikings, who had to go-off in what is now known as "The Ice Bowl." While the Chiefs were defeated that time around, they have won two Super Bowls since then. The Chiefs have also won multiple division championships throughout their career. In their time in the league, they have been known as the Dallas Texans and have played under several different names.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was named NFL MVP for the 2018 season. He is currently one of the youngest quarterbacks to win that award, and it has been a significant milestone in his career.

Despite being in his sophomore year, he has proven his excellence in the National Football League. Mahomes led the Chiefs to victory against the Houston Texans in week 13 of the regular season, clinching a spot for them in this year's playoffs. This win also brought Mahomes' career record with the team to 50 wins out of 70 games.

This is an historic first for Kansas City and a significant achievement. A large part of the credit goes to coach Andy Reid. He has been with the Chiefs since 2013, leading them to their most successful season yet. The Chiefs ranked third in points scored this season; one of their best rankings ever.

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